Why Women Should Dead lift
(Last Updated On: March 10, 2018)

Most women actually may not give dead lifting a thought as a form of exercise. However, by one simply performing dead lift, they need to understand that this is one of the best ways to build up on strength. Most women tend to believe that they are not strong enough to lift weights or even do dead lifts which is just but a mindset. Listed below are some reasons why women should dead lift.

It provides strength and confidence

Having both strength and confidence is something that cannot be easily separated since they are normally linked to one another. This may come about as a result, when women are able to dead lift. Society has been able to associate women as being the weaker sex and this has made women stick to their tiny dumbbells rather than do dead lifts. One needs to understand that not only does dead lifting build on strength but it also is able to build on ones confidence as a lady. One needs to understand that they will not turn into the amazing Hulk if they do dead lifts as this is but a misconception. Being a strong woman (physically) is a very important aspect of building self-confidence.

Increase metabolism

When one is able to elevate their body’s metabolism levels, they then are able to burn more fat more efficiently. The more fat that one is able to lose by performing dead lifts, the better they feel and look. In addition, muscles are able to burn more energy than other elements of the body hence more muscle build up and fat burning throughout the day. This is because dead lifting free weight is able to generate more muscle that lower body exercises and one is able to lose more body fate as a result of dead lifts form various leg machine exercises.

Build bodacious curves

Since women do not end up gaining more mass like men, they instead end up becoming curvier when they perform dead lifts since they incorporate major muscle groups of the lower body and also some surrounding stabilizer muscles. By simply being able to do this one exercise, one then is able to get better form in their legs, lower back, glutes and abdominal.

Better posture

In addition, when women are able to dead lift, they then are able to get a better body poster given that they build their core strength and this is able to add to their core stability. Deadlifts are able to target all the muscles that are normally responsible for posture and enables one to keep their backs straighter during their daily activities.

It is safe

This is one of the safest forms of exercises that one can easily perform. One is normally not pinned under the weight or be worried about being pulled backwards by a machine. In the event that one gets into any trouble they, may easily drop it and still be safe at the end of the day. Nevertheless, one does not need a spotter in order to do this exercise.

Prevents injury

Dead lifting has been associated with helping in the prevention of injuries by simply increasing one’s muscle strength around critical areas such as tendons and ligaments. Supporting one’s joints with strong muscles is a very crucial when it comes to preventing injury especially in hamstrings and the lower back.