Sticking to a convenient diet and also an exercise plan may prove to be more difficult than one is thinking. This is because not everyone has the discipline or endurance level to go to the gym and work out every single day or for a stipulated period as this just does not work for them as they may either have super bus schedules or simply going to the gym and going on a diet is just not their thing. Listed below are some ways in which women are able to lose weight without exercising or going on a diet.

Chew thoroughly and slow down

The brain needs to process the fact that one has had enough food to eat. Chewing better makes one be in a position to eat lesser food, eat slowly. How quickly one is able to finish their meal will directly affect how they gain weight. This is because the faster one eats, the more they are able to consume and the more calories they end up eating. This may then lead to obesity. One may easily teach themselves the habit of chewing slowly by simply counting the number of times that they chew.

Use smaller plates for unhealthier food

The normal food plate is bigger today than it was before a few decades ago. The problem with having a bigger plate is that it makes one eat more since it makes the foods seem to be much lesser which maybe then make one to add more food in the process without knowing that the food is a lot. Hence, one is normally advised to use a small plate since it will magnify the size of the food making it easier for one to simply serve lesser food. A small plate will trick the brain that one is eating more food than they actually are. This then prevents one from eating unhealthy foods from smaller plates, making one to eat less.

Eat plenty of protein

Protein has been associated to increase the feeling of fullness, reduce hunger and also help one eat very few calories. This is due to the fact that protein is known to affect several hormone sin the body that play a role in fullness and hunger such as GLP-1 and ghrelin. Some good sources of protein include chicken breasts, fish, Greek yogurt, lentils almonds and quinoa.

Sleep well and avoid stress

Stress may end up resulting in one ending up binge eating since it’s their coping mechanism. This then may cause them to add weight very easily. Both sleep and stress may end up affecting one’s appetite and weight. Lack of sleep is able to interrupt various hormones in the body such as cortisol which then is able to alleviate the amount of stress that an individual has. This then may end up resulting in cravings and hunger for unhealthy foods. Hence, one is normally advised to sleep well and try as much as possible to avoid stress or try deep breathing exercises through the day.

Drink water

Water is able to help one to eats less given the fact that it tricks the mind that the stomach is full. Drinking water prior to eating meals may help one eat fewer calories. One also needs to replace drinking sugary drinks with drinking water which is a healthier option.