The Best Cardio for Fat Loss

Cardio is one of the best ways that one may easily be able to lose weight without even having to go to the gym. It has proven to help the body become leaner and help in the building of muscles. Listed below are some cardio workouts that one may easily be able to do in order to help them lose fat and grow healthy while at the same time toning and making the body muscles more lean.


When it comes to running for cardio, one needs to run at a very moderate pace in order to ensure that they burn fat and calories. Running helps in breaking down of fat in the body as it also helps in building ones lung capacity due to the fact that they are engaging their lungs as well during the whole process. An individual weigh 180-lb is bale to burn about 940 calories within an hour while they are running at a pace of 8.5 minute-per mile on a treadmill for an hour. Running is also considered to be easier on one’s knees and one may easily try changing up the routes which they take or join a local running club to break the monotony of having to run alone.

Jumping rope

Jumping rope is one of the best cardio workouts that help one lose weight because it not only increases one’s foot speed but also is able to help one with regard to the burning of a ton of calories, it is a cheap and easy to do. Nevertheless, it also helps in enhancing one’s footwork, building their shoulder strength and coordination, stimulate sprinting and one may end up losing up to 500 calories within just 30 is advised to start by jumping rope in intervals i.e. as fast and slow jumps in order to keep one going.


Stationary bikes are normally a very good way in which one may easily be able to lose fat through cardio. However, one is normally advised that they should be willing to go at an intense rate as it is very involving since one may not use their phones while at the same time, work out. This form of cardio is able to help one lose up to 1150 calories if the weigh averagely 180-lb per hour.


Swimming is normally a very healthy way to keep fit as it is a full body workout that start the moment one begins treading water. This is because one is normally fighting gravity and their muscles are fighting to ensure that they stay afloat without taking a break until one is out of the water. One is normally advised to incorporate different styles into their swimming in order to improve on the number of calories that they are burning.


Rowing is very essential as it normally incorporates the upper and lower body in a moderately low-stress manner on one’s ligaments and joints. Nevertheless, it is also a good way to work out the posterior chain. One may easily lose up to 800 calories per hour given that they weigh 180-lb. one is advised to always keep their chest up and use their entire body when rowing but not let all the work go into the arms as one may try using their legs to get the motion going.