6 Reasons You Can’t Lose Fat

Losing weight is not as easy as one may think it is and it may be even harder in the event that one is doing all the wrong steps and exercises which will simply lead t them having failed attempts at being lean. There are various reason as to why most people may end up working out or even going on a diet, but they may end up not loosening the weight that they wish to have lost within the period they had planned to lose it. Listed below are some reasons why.

1. You’re Not Doing Intervals

Taking long breaks in between a work to does not necessarily help one’s body become leaner. Instead, one is normally advice to take intervals which are basically short period of rest in between in order for them to increase their routine’s fat-burning potential. Hence instead of taking long breaks that tend to relax the body instead of just giving it a boost to get back to working out, one should just take a few seconds break as this will help them burn more calories and get their metabolism going.

2. You’re Downing Sports Drink

One needs to understand that most sports drinks are normally filed with sugar which when in excess may end up leading to one adding empty calories to their body. This may then be counterproductive to creating the calorie deficit that one needs for weight loss. One is normally advised to avoid sports drinks or just drink them moderately, or they may simply stick to simple water.

3. Loading On Protein Bars

One needs to understand that as much as protein bars normally look healthy, and they are healthy to some point, there is need for one to understand that they pack almost 500 calories and approximately 18g of fat which is a lot. So instead of having to grab a protein bar, one may easily be able to fuel their body with whole foods after a work out that will be able to deliver both muscle building protein and energy replenishing carbohydrates.

4. Snacking On Junk after Dinner

The matter of the fact is that it’s not the fact that what one eats at night will affect their weight but rather what one eats after dark that is the real issue. Most people after dinner may end up grabbing packet of cookies, chops or crackers which is not healthy. One may instead get cottage cheese, almonds, celery in the event that hunger pangs strike after dinner.

5. Not Eating Enough

One needs to understand that eating enough may seem like a very good idea in order for one to lose weight but it may end up backfiring on an individual instead. This may end up increasing ones cravings and harm their metabolism. One may instead eat two snacks after three hours of consuming big meals. If one is working out however, there is need for them to refuel within 30 minutes of the exercise.

6. Letting Stress Build Up

One needs to understand that stress eating has never been a healthy thing as it will definitely sabotage one’s weight loss efforts. One may try meditating, yoga, or hitting the gym to help in dealing with the stress.