Your body type affects your response to training and diet, which is why you need to familiarize with your body type so you can plan your muscle building diet and training program accordingly. You will find various training programs once you get into the world of muscle building and it can be overwhelming. With all the information, diets, and supplements available, some of them conflicting, you may find yourself in the gym for a long time with no motivation and even fewer gains to show for it.

The reason you might not be seeing results despite training tirelessly could be that you do not know your body type. It is essential that you identify what your body type is and understand how it works because various body types call for different diet plans and training methods for each of them. There are 3 body types namely endomorph, mesomorph, and ectomorph and each type have its own characteristics which we will look at below to help you determine which category you fall under.


This person’s body type is generally softer and more solid and they gain fat quite easily. They have thick legs and arms and a shorter build with strong muscles, particularly in the upper legs. Naturally, endomorphs tend to be stronger in leg exercises such as the squat. What characteristics determine whether your body type is endomorph?
– Your muscles have less definition
– You have a slow metabolism
– It is hard for you to lose fat
– You have round physique
– Your build is stocky
– Shorter
– You gain fat and muscle more easily
– Your body is round and soft
Endomorphs gain weight very easily in terms of training and unfortunately, most of the weight gained is usually fat instead of muscle. In order to reduce the amount of fat they gain, endomorphs’ training should comprise of weight training as well as cardio. As an endomorph, you might not need to take supplements as long as your diet is high-protein.


People with this body type usually have a naturally athletic physique, large muscles, and a large bone structure. This is the best body type for bodybuilding as it is easy for them to lose and gain weight not to mention they are strong naturally making it the best muscle-building platform.
What are the physical traits exhibited by mesomorphs?
– Gains fat easily compared to ectomorphs
– Easily gains muscle
– Strong
– Their bodies are rectangular in shape
– They have well-defined muscles
– Their bodies are generally harder
– They are more athletic
This body type has the best response when it comes to weight training as they see gains quite quickly particularly beginners. The drawback to this body type is that they easily gain fat in comparison to their ectomorph counterparts so they need to watch their calories. The best workout combination for mesomorphs includes cardio and weight training.


This person has a light, skinny build with lean muscle and small joints. Ectomorphs have stringy muscles and thin, long limbs and their shoulders are narrow and thin.
What distinguishes ectomorphs from the other two body types?
– They have a fast metabolism
– It is hard for them to gain weight
– They have lean muscle mass
– They are thin
– Their shoulders are small
– They are flat chested
– It is hard for them to gain weight
– They have a delicate bone structure and a small frame
Ectomorphs find it hard to gain weight due to their hastened metabolism meaning that they burn calories up quickly. They need a large caloric intake for them to gain weight. They should have intense and short workouts that focus on major muscle groups. It is definitely recommended for them to take supplements and they should also eat before going to bed to keep their muscles from catabolizing overnight. Ectomorphs can generally lose fat easily meaning that it is easy for them to cut back to lean muscle.
Are You a Combination of Any Two of These Body Types?
Most of the time, you will find that people have a combination of body types instead of just one. Such combinations include endomorph/mesomorph or mesomorph/ectomorph. A good example would be someone who is purely mesomorph but gains weight the way an endomorph does.
Fundamental Exercise and Nutrition Plans Depending on Your Body Type
With the above information, you can now determine what your body type is so you might want to optimize your training and diet to fit your body type.
Ectomorphs Exercise and Nutrition Plan
Ectomorphs will concentrate on high-intensity lifts to train as many muscles as possible and this includes exercises such as pull-ups, deadlifts, squats, and bench presses. There is no need to practice isolation exercises to exercise smaller muscles. High-intensity lifting will stimulate natural growth of your muscles fast by releasing growth hormone to facilitate efficient muscle gain. Cardio is also essential for regular blood pressure and healthy functioning of the heart. A balanced diet with plenty of complex carbohydrates and proteins will help with muscle recovery.
Endomorphs Exercise and Nutrition Plan
For resistance training, one should concentrate on low resistance at a higher frequency to help you burn more calories while developing muscle. This is ideal for fat loss. Endomorphs should prioritize cardio training first following resistance training. Low resistance training is necessary with a focus on low-intensity workouts for longer periods.
As for nutrition, a balanced diet is best with plenty of complex carbohydrates and protein. High fiber and protein foods are ideal and they should make up the bulk of your caloric intake.
Mesomorphs Exercise and Nutrition Plan
It is up to personal preference for mesomorphs because if one wants muscle growth they can follow the ectomorph’s plan and for toning and cardiovascular health, they can follow the endomorph’s plan. A balanced diet is advisable but one can practice flexibility in the same way as that of the exercise plan.


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