When it comes to the food selection, most people are actually becoming smarter with regard to what they are consuming nowadays. Most people have taken the healthy route when it comes to meal considerations, this has helped them be in a position whereby they can easily go on a diet of only eating healthy foods. However, this is only half the problem as not most people find to easy eating healthy or finding healthy alternatives with regard to what they eat on a daily basis.

Meal prepping is the acts of simply preparing a meal in advance be it some meals or even all the meals before one has been able to cook them. This helps one prepare a better, healthier and use unprocessed ingredients in order to have a healthier meal. This saves on time and also ensures that one has been able to eat healthier foods more often as they get to enjoy proper portions, instead of processed and prepackaged snacks or meals that may end up going over one’s caloric needs. The whole idea of meal prepping is that when one has healthier things ready to eat, they will opt to eat them instead of potentially harmful foods.

How to Get Started

Pick a Day

One needs to find a day in which they find convenient of them to prepare all their meals. For some it may be a weekday while for others it may be over the weekend. Others it may be when the kids have gone to school or when they have an off from work and one may easily ask for help from the family if need be.

For most people Sunday and Wednesday seem to be the best days as one maybe split the week’s meals into two days of prepping. At the beginning, one is normally advised not to prepare a meal for a whole week as they can start small then with time find out what worked best

Pick the Meals

One needs to also pick the meals they need to prepare for breakfast, dinner and lunch. This also depends on the number of people that one’s cooking for because at forts if it’s for the family one may try out dinner but if it’s for a single person then they may try out breakfast or lunch. One needs to be able to balance the meals when they are choosing the recipes as well.

Use Proper Containers

Good storage containers are the foundation of meal prepping. This is because the containers are air tight hence will make the food fresher, better and crispier. The containers also may needs to be BPA free, freezer safe, stack able, reusable, dishwasher safe and microwavable.

In conclusion, when it comes to meal prepping it is very essential for one to prep prior in order to be able to do the actual meal prepping press by themselves. One is normally advised to start small then pick up on it as the days go by. This will encourage for a healthier, and better meal plan and is a good way for one to remain healthy and eat nutritious foods.


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