Gain From Strength Training as a Woman

Women have a tendency to ignore strength training when working out, but this could be their own downfall. Strength training exercises can help you increase the size of your muscles, which in turn allows them to develop force and strength faster. Muscle mass enables you to move, especially for young people as they can take daily tasks requiring strength for granted such as picking a heavy load or walking up a flight of stairs. A sedentary lifestyle can make one weaker with time and building muscle can help you combat this.

Women also opt for cardio ignoring strength training due to the misconception that they should not lift because they will become muscle bound or bulked up to the point of your body becoming rigid. This needs to change because strength training several times a week can transform your health and your entire body for the better while cutting some inches off your waist and hips. You will feel the benefits of strength training for up to hours after your session and it can help to improve your mood throughout the day. Let us look at the benefits offered by strength training for women.

Reduction of Body Fat

Given that weight training builds on muscle mass, your metabolism also improves with the increase in lean muscle. An increased metabolism enables you to burn calories throughout the day even when you are not working out. According to research, an average woman who does strength training up to 3 times every week for about 2 months loses up to 3.5 pounds of fat and gains up to 2 pounds of muscle. You will burn roughly 35 to 50 calories daily depending on each pound of muscle gained. Over a longer time, you can add this up so that 4 pounds of extra muscle can burn a few extra pounds annually.

Stress Reduction and Mood Enhancement

Strength training boosts your core, shoulders, and back and this helps to improve poor posture allowing one to stand taller with their spine straight and the shoulders back. When you have a strong core and back you can decrease any lower back pain.

Strength Training as a Woman
Beautiful woman workout with dumbbell on the bench in crossfit gym

Burning Calories

Strength training has been to shown to elevate one’s metabolism following a workout for up to an entire day. If your workout is more intense, you will burn even more calories. Following an intense workout, the EPOC level or Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption level is elevated and this translates into the increased consumption of oxygen. Overall, an increase in oxygen consumption is beneficial in helping you break down your body’s fat stores.

Building Up Your Strength

Most women shy away from strength training because they fear bulking up. However, this a commonly held misconception as it is physically impossible for this to happen among women. This is because they do not have the testosterone, which is a hormone found in men, that is necessary for the building of muscle in males. Women have a significantly smaller amount of testosterone in comparison to men (10-30 times less) and thus it will be more difficult for them to bulk up in size due to strength training. The upside of this for women is that they instead acquire muscle strength as well as definition without increasing the muscle size.

A Decreased Chance of Getting an Injury

Strength training enhances the tenacity in your joints as well as the connective tissue. Tendons, ligaments, and joints that are strong are crucial towards the prevention of injury and they can alleviate any pain resulting from osteoarthritis. Strengthening your connective tissues and your muscles will reduce the chances of you contracting injuries from daily exercise and routine tasks. This can also boost your performance in sports.

Reduced Chances of Osteoporosis

Considering that strength training enhances bone and muscle fortitude while also increasing your bone density. This decreases the risk of broken bones and fractures. Studies indicate that strength training can boost the spinal bone density, which helps to develop a healthy and strong spine.

Now that we have seen the benefits of strength training for women, what is the ideal strength-training regimen for women to practice?

Lifting Heavier Weights Weekly Enhances Health, Fitness, and Strength

Training heavyweights is a necessity if you must do one thing in your workout sessions. Heaviness is relative to everyone depending on what phase they are in when it comes to strength development. Essentially, you should lift weights that are heavy to offer the necessary beneficial systemic stress on the body to give you the advantages offered by strength training.
Add Some Variety to Your Workouts

In order to build muscle and gain strength, you need to mix up your strength training workouts. You can use the first few months of your strength training to concentrate on and learn the basics such as the power clean, deadlifts, squats, overhead press, and bench press. Afterwards, you have to incorporate some variety to gain optimal strength gains. This engages you mentally and enables you to make significant strength gains without flat-lining in your training.

Strength Training as a Woman
Fitness woman workout with barbell on bench in gym

Do Some Accessory Work to Accentuate Your Weakness Areas

Everyone has their own muscular strengths and weaknesses and it though might be enjoyable to work on your strong suits, it is necessary to work on your weak areas. Use extra accessory work to train your personal muscular weaknesses through exercises targeting certain muscle groups twice weekly.
Do Not Ignore Your Upper Body

Ladies should train the upper body for muscle and strength development at least twice every week. Considering that women have a tendency to have weaker upper bodies, every work out is essential. Your weakest lift begins to diminish fastest following a period of insufficient training activity. If you cut off your training week short due to any reason so that you have two days left for strength training, then dedicate these two days to upper body training.

Strength Train with People Who Will Motivate You

This is essential to your success as they care enough about your goals to push you above and beyond these goals. Using the same weights forever will not get you anywhere as you will not gain strength, develop more muscle, or tone your body. You may find your team consisting of people who feel that you should not lift beyond a particular weight because you are a woman and at this point, you should consider going with another group of people who will push you in the right direction for your strength training.

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