How to Optimize Caffeine Intake and Timing for Fat Loss
(Last Updated On: March 26, 2018)

Caffeine is one of the most widely used stimulant around the world but only a few know the advantages it may offer with regard to optimizing its intake in order for it to help with fat loss. Most people actually insist on avoiding caffeine saying that it is not healthy for the body. However, there are benefits that have been attached to caffeine intake and one is normally advised to follow the following steps in order or them to actually be able to get optimally wired to the benefits of caffeine and weight loss.

Consume in small, frequent amounts

One needs to understand that caffeine is able to cross the blood-barrier quickly due to its lipid solubility but it may end up taking up to 45 minutes to be fully ingested through the gastrointestinal tract. Under normal conditions, this remains normal for around an hour. The small doses of caffeine may end up helping one lose at least 3mg per kg of body weight (approximately 20mg per hour) as this may support extended wakefulness and may counteract homeostatic sleep in pressure which builds at a slow pace throughout the day which then helps in improving cognitive functions given that it acts ion the prefrontal cortex area of the brain.

Play to your cognitive strengths when wired

When one has been able to take caffeine, then they are able to work at a better speed rate, have a decrease in attention lapses and be better at recall. When one has been able to ingest caffeine, they may then take this time since all senses are heightened and the body is very much stimulated to work out and just give the very best output that their bodes may be able to give off. One may then be able to lose weight during this time frame due to the fact that they feel their sense have been stimulated, and they are able to work out even more.

Know when to stop and when to start again

One need to be careful as they may end up exerting themselves tool much and this may then end up leading to injury instead of helping in the weight loss program. Hence, one is normally advised to be very careful when it comes to knowing when they need to stop themselves lest they end up hurting their bodies just because the caffeine is still in the system. Be very careful not to over exert the body.

Find good sources of caffeine

One needs to find a healthy way in which they may include caffeine into their diet without having to overdo it. This is because healthy small does are okay but when one has a source that is providing more than enough caffeine in the body, this may lead to more harm than good as it may lead to addiction. One needs to understand that for them to get the optimal benefits of caffeine that it needs to be in small doses each hour along some with cardio protective agent. A cup of green tea may be a good start.

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