Diet plans, controlled nutrition, building up that lean muscle; all these phrases sound very hard and fancy. We often hear these from celebrities or other famous public figures which makes us think that this is something very expensive with all those nutritionist bills, medicine/ vitamins and some rare ingredients. But in reality that is not so! Yes there are all those fancy ways to build up you muscle which require loads of money, but if you really want to achieve the target, then only a good advice from and expert and an easily manageable diet plan would be just perfect. So here we are to help you with that. Let’s discuss a few tip to make this process more efficient and cheaper first and then we will share a golden diet plan, that will transform you without much effort!

  1. Look for wholesale discounts

This would require you to buy in bulk. So as you already have the whole weeks plan, it would be easier and more reasonable to buy in bulk so that you avail the discounts. Either order your groceries or buy them off the mart, but search where you are getting the best discounts.

  1. Do have a frozen collection

Not the elsa olaf collection but the frozen fruits and vegetables that we are talking about! Even though frozen food does our body harm but fruits and vegetable are good when frozen. Not only do they last longer but are cheaper as well. So have that frozen stock ready to pop up some berries in that delicious smoothie of yours, whenever you make it.

  1. Exercise

Well, as we are talking about diet in this article, thus exercising is not something we should focus us. But exercising while following this diet will surely maximize your efforts and let you achieve your goals even faster.

Now for the diet plan! Make sure you follow this religiously, because any cheat in this will make all your effort go down the drain and bring you back to square one. (by )


3 Eggs

2 cups cooked oats


2 cups brown rice

Chicken breast

1 cup green vegetables

Salmon steak

2 cups spinach


2 poached eggs

2 multi grain toast


1 cup low fat greek yoghurt


Chicken breast

Sweet potato

1 cup green vegetables


2 boiled eggs


Chicken/ turkey sandwich with tomato and lettuce

1 slice cheese

1.5 cup pasta whole meal

1.5 green vegetables

1 cup Greek low fat yogurt

1 scoop whey protein  


3 eggs scrambled

2 multigrain toast slices

4 slices turkey bacon

2 fruits (any)

Baked potato with skin

1 beef burger

1 tin tuna


2 slices beetroot

1 slice cheese




Chicken/ turkey sandwich

1cheese slice

Fish/ chicken

Sweet potato

1 cup green vegetables

2 cups pasta

1 cup full cream milk


3 eggs

4 turkey slices

1 cup spinach

2 wholegrain bread

1 cup low fat Greek yoghurt

½ roast chicken

1 cup green vegetables

½ cup brown rice

Grilled fish

1 slice cheese




2 fruits

Chicken with whole meal tortilla


Roast beef

2 slice whole meal bread

1 slice cheese

1 fruit

½ roast chicken with potatoes.

1 cup low fat Greek yoghurt