Improve your squat
(Last Updated On: April 2, 2018)

The squat exercise has been called the king of strength training exercises for a very good reason as there is nothing else that is able to train the lower body musculature quite like a squat. When one is able to do this specific form of exercise well, then they are able to improve on their athletic performance as it helps them run faster, jumper further, jump higher and hit harder. As much as the squatting technique may seem to be incredibly simple, it may also be quite complex. In the event that one thing is off, it may then detract one from training and instead cause injury. Listed below are some few guidelines to help one improve on their squat

Squat Often

This goes without say that one needs to be able to train continuously the more one does it the better they become at it. Just by simply doing it once won’t be able t cut it as there is need for there to be a continuous routine so that the muscles are able to be in the right shape as time progresses. One is advised to aim for at least two workouts each week with squats included in them to improve one’s squatting.

Use Variations

One may easily be able to perform various variations of the squat as this will help in kick-starting one’s lower body strength. The various variations are able to target different muscles and parts of the muscle and change nervous system stimulation. Some fop the variations may include:

  • Barbell front squat
  • Rear foot elevated squats with dumbbells or barbell
  • Barbell wide-stance back squats
  • Pause squats
  • Anderson squats


As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Every single time that one is doing a warm up, they are advised to hot a few sets of body weight squats or/and PVC pipe back squats. This is because it will help in the reinforcing of the squatting motor pattern.


One is advised to focus on creating torque by using their feet. Drive the feet into the ground then try to rotate the feet to the outside of the body, but not too hard in the vent that they end up moving. This will help one stay tight which simply means that it will be easier for one to stay in a proper position throughout their movement.


One may easily brace their torso by simply taking a deep breathe just before they descend into a squatting position and push out on their abs all the way through the movement.

Don’t Ignore the Little Things

As much as a barbell squat may seem simple, there are a few little things to make it a perfect squat such as:

  • Wrist position which should be straight and not bent back as this will help in keeping the upper body tight and save the wrists from any potential problems.
  • Head position as one should not stair at the ceiling but instead they should remaining a neutral position, eyes looking straight ahead through the squat.

Core Training

One needs to understand that squats aren’t only a lower body exercises as they also engage the core muscles of the torso a lot. By one simply learning to train their core muscles specifically, then this isn’t only be beneficial for squatting but also everything athletically.